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Classroom 1: BUZZ Quick Start

Classroom 2: BUZZ Loop

Classroom 3: BUZZ PBG

Classroom 4: BUZZ Formula

Classroom 5: BUZZ Conversion

Classroom 6: Royal BUZZ

Classroom 7: BUZZ Branch Building

Classroom 8: BUZZ Leverage

Classroom 9: BUZZ Admin / Mod Recruiting

Classroom 10: BUZZ Mailbox Money

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Classroom 1: BUZZ Quick Start

If you are a Real Estate Agent or a Loan Originator, the BUZZ Formula will connect you to real Buyers, Sellers, FSBOs, and other BUZZ-Minded Agents/Originators.

Our first BUZZ Google Classroom teaches you the exact steps to making this 100% mobile, getting on Facebook, finding/joining groups, how and what to post in the groups, and how to avoid Facebook jail.

Once you follow the easy to replicate steps, you will be connected to hundreds of clients. And the usual response we get from our new BUZZ Team Members, is Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING.

BuzzDay1  BUZZquickstart

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Classroom 2: BUZZ LOOP

Keeping Real Estate Agents, LOs, Processors and Clients in the LOOP, by using the Chats/Messenger Groups.

This BUZZ Google Classroom is designed to teach you how to go from creating a simple discussion in the Facebook Groups, to sending a direct/private message to your future client, then on to creating a messenger group with you, the client, Real Estate Agents/LOs, processors, etc.!

I have been saying for a couple years now, how strong Chats/Messenger truly are! You can carry on a conversation, end it, then continue it a year later like it never ended, along with being able to see everything that was said! This is so much better than a business card could ever be! Typically most business cards are tossed in a desk or trash, this is a direct link to a real person which turn into lifelong connections!

This has changed our life completely! As a former Realtor, I hated the bad communication from lenders, now being a lender for so many years, I have finally figured out how to keep the Real Estate Agents HAPPY and informed. We use different color cartoon houses to symbolize where we are in the process. The transactions will go much smoother with a lot of less phone calls! Michael Hicks (Realtor) created direct chats/messages with over 18,000 different potential home buyers and sellers in a little over a year, with the BUZZ.

BUZZ Loop  Messenger group example

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Classroom 3: BUZZ PBG - Personal Branding Group

We teach you how to build a holding POND for all of those future clients.

This VERY IMPORTANT BUZZ Google Classroom, is designed to teach you how to create the perfect Personal Branding Group! This will be your future of never having to worry about saturation or your clients forgetting about you! The PBG works as a holding pond, blog group, and a Homes For Sale Group, that are alive and grow by themselves! Creating a Facebook Group is quite simple, but creating your Personal Branding Group (PBG) is like creating a work of art that will change your life forever.

We are going to teach you how to make your PBG (holding tank for all of those future clients) so great, that people will want to join and become a part of your everyday life and business. Not just any people, home buyers & sellers, and it will advertise for you for free, every day of your life!

We even make it fun for you to grow your PBG. We created six different BUZZ Levels for you to achieve, based on the number of members.

FORWARD FORCE - 100 Members


MASS EFFECT - 1,000 Members

VERTICAL SPEED - 2,500 Members

MOON WALKERS - 5,000 Members

ROYAL BUZZ - 10,000 Members

  BUZZ Classroom 3

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Classroom 4: BUZZ Formula

Five Years of Posts, Polls, and a ton of Facebook Group Knowledge.

This BUZZ Google Classroom breaks down our 5 years of Facebook Group knowledge! Everything from ALL the POSTs and POLLs that we have created, along with all the Messages and Responses you will be using to reel those clients in.

This is where you will see me adding more material than anywhere, because any new updates with the groups will be uploaded in this classroom first. Both the Facebook Groups and Chats/Messenger, have made several changes over the years and Facebook has committed to only making them better.

We also created a BUZZ Syllabus, to help all of our BUZZ Team Members find anything and everything they are looking for but most of the time, I am usually directing them to this classroom.

BUZZ Life Changer  BUZZ Classroom 4

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Classroom 5: BUZZ Conversion

We solved our first problem: No Leads, to now endless real people without paying for ads. Now we have to solve the next problem: How to convert?

This BUZZ Google Classroom teaches you how to take all the applications/clients that you will be getting in, and converting those into funded transactions.

I have always had the mentality to find the people actually closing deals, and learn from them. I can put some serious numbers up on the board, and we are going to teach you how to do the same.

After reeling in thousands of applications and watching some of the same Realtors and Loan Originators struggle, I realized the lack of being able to convert was a problem for a lot of them. We have helped them and now we are going to help you.

BUZZ 4 Closings  BUZZ Converting Skill

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Classroom 6: Royal BUZZ

We teach you every day life as a Real Estate Agents or Loan Originators, along with all the Loan Guidelines. We understand both sides of the business, especially easy ways to find FSBOs and converting them into LISTINGS.

This BUZZ Google Classroom will help you deal with everyday life situations, no matter if you are a Realtor or a Loan Originator! You will be able to go here and look up any loan guidelines, tips and tricks, and just a huge assortment of valuable information to help you be better at your career!

We have explained the FHA, VA, and USDA guidelines, in a much easier way for you to understand. It is very important for Real Estate Agents to know these guidelines too. We put all the guidelines at your fingertips.


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Classroom 7: BUZZ Branch Building

We teach you how to grow your team, by using the Facebook Groups. We went from one small mortgage branch in Knoxville, to now having four satellite branches to go with it, that we built from members out of the groups.

Owners, Brokers, Branch Managers, this BUZZ Google Classroom will teach you how to grow your team. These Facebook Groups are full of real people who are already in the Real Estate business looking for a change, and also future superstar Agents and Loan Originators, just waiting to see your post.

We are very fortunate to be in the Real Estate Industry. We can make a great living, be free from the everyday misery of clocking in, spend more time with family, and help people achieve their dreams of being homeowners. Introduce this business to friends.

BUZZ 30yrs Experience  BUZZ Classroom 7

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Classroom 8: BUZZ Leverage

How to pick up FREE Facebook Groups with tons of Members and how to BUY them. This BUZZ Classroom is Priceless, the Groups are like owning control of Virtual Real Estate.

About 2 years ago we bought (traded a comic book) for our first Facebook Group. Now, after getting that first group, we own full control of groups in eight different states with over two million members combined.

This is by far the most valuable BUZZ Google Classroom. It will teach you how to buy Facebook Groups, how to find Archived Groups, how to become an Admin/Moderator for other groups, and how to use the groups to help grow your business.

Talk about LIFE CHANGING, we already have clients renting out advertising spots in the Facebook Groups we control.

Classroom 8  Classroom 8

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Classroom 9: BUZZ Moderator/Admin Recruiting

When you control Facebook Groups, they can get hard to manage by yourself. We teach you how to get members inside the group to help you run it, without having to pay them to do it.

This BUZZ Google Classroom, is designed to teach you how to find reliable people inside your group/groups to help you. We will teach you how to build a small army of admins/moderators, that will help eliminate the spam.

It works so amazing that they appreciate you, for letting them help you keep your Facebook Group clean.

After 5 years of learning these Facebook Groups inside out, we understand how very important it is to manage and protect your groups.

Buzz Props  BUZZadmins

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Classroom 10: BUZZ Mailbox Money

We teach you how to monetize the Facebook Groups, plenty of ways to let others advertise.

This BUZZ Google Classroom is designed to teach you how to take the groups that you buy or pick up for free, and sell advertising spots in them. Yes, it's like having virtual Real Estate.

Over the years, I have helped a few different kinds of businesses out! Most of them I helped out because it was a friend or family member, but I quickly saw the power of the groups being able to help any business out there.

We will teach you how to LEVERAGE yourself with the groups but also teach you how to create another revenue stream.

BUZZmoney  JillLemeryclosingsfromfirstpost

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